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Dr. Tim Mc Crossen with Industrial Healthtest attended the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) conference in July, in Indianapolis.  The FMCSA Medical Director, Dr, Gunnels and Medical Doctor, Dr. Lester were presenting at the meeting.  There are big changes for next year concerning all medical examiners that perform DOT (Department of Transportation) examinations.

FMCSA is going to make it mandatory that any medical examiner that performs DOT physicals must take a formal educational training program and pass examination by the FMCSA to receive certification!

FMCSA is calling this part of their “Core Curriculum” which they hope to enact in October of 2010.  The credentialing exams will begin in January/February of 2011.

They are proposing that medical examiners will have the next two years to get the training and certification.  However, at this time this is merely a proposal and/or suggestion to the FMCSA and has not been decided upon.

How will this effect your company?
Dr. McCrossen is one of 40 medical examiners nationwide that has been accepted for the first formal training session in the country to start August 20th, 2010 in Chicago.  He will sit for the examination for certification in January 2011.  It is important to note that the training and certification will cost nearly $750.00.  This does not include travel and hotel expenses.

The feeling at the FMCSA conference was that the larger occupational health facilities would have well over 300-400 medical examiners needing this credential.  The question is whether the occupational health providers will incur the cost associated with getting their doctors certified, whether they will expect doctors to incur the cost themselves, or employ a couple medical doctors to perform all exams within their occupational health facilities.  However they choose to do this, will more then likely raise the cost of DOT physicals to the companies they are providing services for.

The other thought was that not all medical examiners would want to take the time or incur the cost to take an educational training course, study and take a certification examination. Therefore they feel we will see a shortage of examiners who ARE certified to conduct these exams.  Which of course could increase the cost associated with these exams.  They also commented that companies who are in rural areas will get hit the hardest as there may not be ANY certified medical examiners within their areas. Once again, driving up the cost to the employer and/or employee.

How can Industrial Healthtest (IHT) help?

  • Dr. McCrossen is registered for the first training session in Chicago on August 2010
  • Dr. McCrossen  is registered for the first exam for certification in January 2011
  • IHT views this as a positive approach for more qualified medical examiners
  • IHT physical exam fees for DOT and Non DOT have always been cost effective and are less then the competitor
  • IHT will not raise their cost associated to these exams due to training/certification fees
  • FINALLY—IHT comes to your facility and performs all the necessary components for the physical exam